Three biggest internet companies in Kosovo, valued at $2m

Everyone knows that the United States of America is the place to be for the largest internet start-ups, but for a crazy reference what about Kosovo?

The Economist has released an infographic prepared by the market research company World Startup Report, examining 50 countries where Kosovo is included as well, and out of which 30 have at least one internet company worth more than 1 Billion dollars.

Firms outside America and China are still relatively small: Google’s market capitalization, for instance, is bigger than the value of the top internet firms in all other 48 countries combined.

And worryingly for Europe, of the top five countries with firms with the highest valuations, none is European but three are Asian. Roll over the interactive chart above to see the company and value. If all three data points are not visible, it is because one is shrouded by another (ie, America’s Amazon obscures Facebook, since both are worth around $185 billion); clicking on the key at the top will remove data points.

From the Balkan countries surprisingly enough only Kosovo is included and based on the report, looks like Goodwerp is company number 3 ensiled with a value of 100,000 dollars, followed by the famous valued at 600,000 dollars and the biggest Albanian portal, leads the bunch with a market value of 2 million.

The World Startup Report, which was founded by Bowei Gai (whose company CardMuncher was acquired by LinkedIn in 2011), and Startup Genome’s latest paper is called Internet Hall Of Fame: 10 Things You Need To Know About The World of Internet Companies Across 50 Countries.

More details can be found here at the Wiki of World Startup Report, while we’ll also update the article with data on how the companies have been evaluated.

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