The Pyramid of Tirana, soon to become the main tech spot of the capital

The Pyramid of Tirana is a structure and former museum located in Tirana, Albania, but now it looks like the structure will be transformed into a multifunctional space, as part of a project led by the Albanian American Development Fund and supported by relevant partners including the Municipality of Tirana.

As part of AADF’s project “Enhancing digital Literacy of Youth in Albania”, the Draft Concept Design of the Pyramid and the Center for Creative Technologies TUMO was presented this week in Tirana.

AADF’s financial contribution aims to bring sustainable models in education and technology. The project is centered around TUMO Center which will be housed in the premises of the Pyramid of Tirana.

The Center intertwines the most up-to-date technological concepts adopted creatively and independently encouraging self-paced learning. The Center will increase the competitiveness among youth and employability prospects in fields which are part of the global trends of technological development.

TUMO Tirana Center will be an after-school learning environment for around 5,000 children between the ages of 12-18 years old and will provide courses in the fields of animation, web design, filmmaking and game development.

The skills teens acquire through the curricula will enable them to create their own portfolio of 21st-century skills in 2D Graphics, 3D Modeling, Computer Programing, Music, Drawing, Writing, New Media, Photography, Robotics and Motion Graphics.

The Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) began operations in November of 2010 with the support and encouragement of USAID and the United States Government. The foundation’s mission is to make a meaningful contribution to Albania’s economic growth by making social investments related to entrepreneurship, education, leadership development and support for cultural tourism.