Top 10 Albanian users to follow on Instagram in 2013

Instagram has more than 100 million users across the world, which post filtered versions of their lunch or their shoes, but regardless of that there are users on Instagram who know how to use the camera of their smartphone and attract a big amount of other users behind them.

The activity of Albanian users in this direction does not lack and they use hashtags like #Kosova, #Albania, #Instakosova quite a lot, in order for visitors to find content more easily on this particular social network. We at Digjitale have asked the social media community for support to find the top 10 Albanian users that are worth following, and after taking in the responses we have come up with an interesting list.

[Picture Removed – Used to be cool pic, but he still does amazing pictures]

Armend Krasniqi, is passionate about science and photography and quite often he captures amazing shots of Kosovo or of another place he visits.

Gent Gjikolli, is a researcher at KIPRED and he is a passionate photographer on Instagram. More here:


Qytetet Shqiptare, is an active account on Instagram with over 2,000 followers and capturing amazing shots of Albanian cities.


Linda Imami, is a creative designer that brings amazing shots in front of her followers. One of the things that makes here different from the others, is the element of simplicity on her pictures.


Bes Bujupi, is a creative mind working for Creative Amaze in London and his posts include a lot of creativity as well on Instagram.


Trim Kabashi, is often associate with his pictures on articles related to architecture, but above all he likes to visit different places in Kosovo and post amazing stuff on Instagram.


Adriatik Kelmendi, the famous moderator of Rubikon and editor at KTV, is quite active on Instagram and beyond that he has contributed on crafting the #Instakosova book with the best pictures from Instagram in Kosovo.


Mentor Pacarada, founder of the creative company Frakton and passionate about winter sports, always brings in interesting creations on Instagram, using not rarely the Fish Eye effect.


Albian Gagica, is identified from his black and white pictures on Instagram and sometimes brings in a touch of color to them as well.


Ilir Lloncari, an architect who always brings in another look from the stuff he sees around him.

The top 10 users enlisted here, are not a definitive list and we would be happy to see your opinion and curiosity in this direction. While it is also worth mentioning that the top 5 pictures selected from the #Instakosova contest, or to be precise the users who have created those pictures, could not be found on Instagram.