Top 7 Tech Events to Attend in 2020

Find out about the top 7 tech events to attend in 2020 in Europe, from Dublin Tech Summit in Dublin to Slush in Helsinki. Which one is your favorite?

Dublin Tech Summit, 22-23 April

Dublin Tech Summit 2020, will be organized during 22-23 April 2020 in Dublin, Ireland.

The Dublin Tech Summit is a two-day event that unites the best worldwide pioneers in technology, development, and business to help shape the eventual fate of patterns and technologies.

The tech summit saw more than 10,000 participants in its first year alone, rapidly becoming one of the greatest newcomers in the tech gathering space. Session topics include subjects such as The Internet of Things, Big Data, FinTech, Innovation, MusicXTech, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security.

There are more than 250 master speakers including worldwide pioneers, from companies such as NASA, Google, SpaceX, Amazon, Electronic Arts, Huawei, Zoom, etc.

Viva Tech Paris, 11-13 June

More than 124,000 people were in Paris last year for the world-famous tech conference VivaTech. This year, from 11-13 June 2020, VivaTech will host the hottest tech start-ups together with global industry leaders like Facebook and Google to showcase the latest innovations and hack solutions to help people and businesses make the most of new technology.

VivaTech is the go-to annual event that brings together the Paris, French and European tech scene in the one place. Some of the people who were at Viva Tech include Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Satya Nadella, Justin Trudeau, etc.

THE NEXT WEB, Amsterdam, 18-19 June

Since 2006, TNW Conference has brought together the ecosystem of technology agents driving business innovation.

At TNW Conference, you can expect keynotes from leaders in the tech industry, roundtables and workshops, an exhibition floor, and plenty of side events where you can expand your network. Speakers include: Guy Kawasaki (Author, Wise Guy) Stephanie Hannon (CPO of Strava & Hillary Clinton Campaign) Larry Sanger (Co-founder, Wikipedia) Ali Rayl (VP Customer Experience at Slack) André Kuipers (Astronaut, ESA) Ankiti Bose (Co-founder& CEO, Zilingo) Cassie Kozyrkov (Chief Decision Scientist at Google) Sir John Hegarty (Founder, BBH) Gillian Tans (CEO of Booking)

The two-day festival showcases industry-leading speakers, panel discussions, and workshops. Topics range from artificial intelligence to blockchain, and everything in between. At its core, TNW Conference is where human innovation is celebrated.

TOA, 23-26 June

In 2012, a bunch of Berlin startup folks came together to create a new kind of Festival, bound by the desire to help humans, organisations, and the planet future-proof themselves in a rapidly changing world. Thus TOA – TECH OPEN AIR came to life.

Over 6,000 attended the conference, where the 200+ speakers included Adam D’Angelo (Co-Founder & CEO, Quora), Richard Sharp (CTO, Shazam), Richie Hawtin, Mate Galic (CTO, Native Instruments), Erika Lust (Co-founder, Erika Lust Films), Hector Ouilhet (Head of Design, Google Search), Imogen Heap (Founder, Mycelia), and Yaël Eisenstat, etc.

BITS & PRETZELS, Munich, 27-29 September,

Bits & Pretzels is an application-only, three-day festival that connects 5,000 founders, investors, startup enthusiasts, and all other decision-makers of the startup ecosystem. The festival takes place in a unique setting around the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Bits & Pretzels offers inspiration as well as relevant business content and speakers included successful national and international entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs including Barack Obama, Jessica Alba, Richard Branson, Drew Houston, etc.

We have been a media partner for Bits & Pretzels for years and 2020 will be no different.

WEB Summit, Lisbon, 2-5 November

Web Summit is the most important annual tech event in Europe, which brings on topics such as Brand awareness, Thought leadership, Networking, and Generation.

The event welcomes over 2,600 journalists from the world’s leading publications. They’re part of the reason why the event has a global reach of over 3 billion.

Maybe you want to place your company front and center of an industry issue. Maybe you’ve got a new product to launch. They can set up roundtables and workshops for you to host. You’ll be right in the middle of the action, leading discussions with targeted demographics on the topics that matter most to you. There is a specific track for every industry.

Whether you want to hire tech’s top talent, meet with the policymakers influencing your industry or exchange notes with your peers and competitors, they have the stage, lounge and evening event for you. 70,000 people will be joining at Web Summit this November. These people are deeply embedded in the fabric of their respective industries and are the people who dictate how quickly new technologies are adopted.

SLUSH, Helsinki, 19-20 November

In 2018, Slush gathered more than 45,000 people in 75 events all around the world, from South Africa to Tokyo. The Slush year culminates in Helsinki in December, when 20,000 founders, investors, media and executives from 130+ countries gather in Helsinki.

Held during the darkest time of the year, Slush has always been characterized by a unique energy and enthusiasm. The very core of Slush is to facilitate founder-investor meetings and to build a worldwide startup community.

Slush is run by a community of students who want to radically change how entrepreneurship is perceived in Northern Europe and beyond. Several successful entrepreneurs, from the founders of Supercell and Spotify among others, have already become a part of the not-for-profit initiative that has already become a movement of global magnitude.