Uber coming to Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia!

The Wall Street Journal calls Uber the worldâ€s most highly capitalized startup. Offering a ride-sharing app that causes a lot of trouble with Taxi Regulations around the world…

Uber representatives have neither denied or confirmed their intentions of launching something like Uber in Kosovo or Macedonia.

The Wall Street Journal calls Uber the world’s most highly capitalized startup. Offering a ride-sharing app that causes a lot of trouble with Taxi Regulations around the world, the fast-growing venture is aiming for a 50 billion dollar valuation.

While Uber launched in in December in Sofia, Uber in Kosovo is maybe soon to come. The people were happy to see the service in the region and especially the tech scene was happy to make the quick change. However, the taxi companies were furious and were campaigning to remove the service from the country because of ‘unfair competition, no requirement for licenses or documentation for the drivers’.

Uber’s ambition is to be everywhere – any progressive, forward-thinking city that has a need for safe, reliable and efficient transportation – we want to be there. We are always exploring our options, including those in Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia. stated an official Uber Spokesperson. when we asked about further plans for expansion and market disruption.

It would be interesting to see the launch of the service, and how the markets adapt to it. In Kosovo for example, you can hail an un-marked and un-licensed taxi quite easily and the service is cheap and works well, even though authorities have tried to put them under licensing and eliminate the so-called “black market of taxis”.

These drivers, who don’t want to obey to the system, could be easily turned into using Uber, and continue working, while things would move from classic to modern, and some sort of deal could be made between Government and Uber to have a small tax applied, so that the service runs perfectly without anyone having to protest or feel of unfair competition.

In less than five years since its launch, Uber has gone from running a niche luxury town car service to offering a personal driver service for every budget. You can hail an Uber vehicle in more than 150 U.S. cities and 55 countries. And wherever the company is, prices on taxi companies change.

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