U:Plug Introduces The World’s Best Smart Power Outlet

Croatian startup u:Plug has just released its new Power Outlet, which allows faster charging while saving your gadgets’ battery…

Croatian startup u:Plug has just released its new Power Outlet, which allows faster charging while saving your gadgets battery at the same time.

u:Plug announced today that it has created the world’s best smart power outlet, bringing efficiency and security to powering your modern electronics allowing simple and easy charging straight from the power outlet via USB cable. A sophisticated fast charging experience that will prolong the battery health and life of your gadgets.

It was unacceptable to us that the device that controls all your gadgets hasn’t kept up with advancements in technology and design, said Ivan Jelusic, co-founder and chief executive officer of u:Plug LLC.

Together with the team, co-founder Mitko Cabevski and I set out to reinvent the traditional power outlet using advanced technologies, high-quality manufacturing processes and thoughtful design elements that the iPhone generation has come to expect.”

The resulting u:Plug power outlet is like no other power outlet on the market. “We hope it will not only save battery, money and energy, but that it will teach and inspire people to think more about how they can prolong the life of their gadgets and beautify their homes and offices, emphasized Mitko.

u:Plug is available for pre-order right now at at a special price to celebrate the launch of the u:Plug Power Outlet.


u:Plug. The new Charger!

u:Plug shows cool functionalities, in a quality design package that wraps a smart technology aimed at those who want to keep their devices safe and make charging a smart process.


Product Features

The product features some interesting details like: high performing USB plugs for simultaneous charging. Charge both your tablet and mobile device at the same time, or any other USB charging devices Power Stand which means that you didn’t pay hundreds of dollars for your gadgets just to leave them unsafe on the floor and there’s a special cradle to keep your gadgets both secure and ventilated.

Power Lights

Check the stage of the charging cycle from across the room with smart LED lights which use brightness to indicate how much your device is charged.



u:Plugs outputs 5V and 2A of electricity on high performing USB slots with a near-perfect charging curve.



Intelligent charging cycles keep the battery of your gadgets healthy and long-lasting. There’s special efforts to relieve the battery from “stress charging” and deliver near- perfect power current flow.

Thoughtful Design

The combination of sleek design elements and premium materials makes u:Plug a power outlet you can finally feel proud to display in your home, office or venue.



Pricing and Availability

The u:Plug Power Outlet is expected to be available via web and retail outlets during the summer months for a suggested retail price of 34.99 EUR. Other pricing options and packages are available on the website as well, while for early adopters u:Plug has special prices. To be one of the first to experience the benefits of u:Plug , go to and preorder yours today for the special price of just 29.99 EUR.