A week full of Barcamps in Kosovo

It started with Prishtina, to continue with Prizren and Ferizaj and to end up with Gjakova and Gjilan, closing one of the best weeks of Barcamp events organized around Kosovo, and giving strong signals that communities have started to show up in different cities, beyond the capital.

With a mixture of topics the Barcamp in Prishtina, was hosted at the Sabaja Drs Beer House, where participants had the chance to grab a Sabaja beer and listen closely to how quality beer is made, through a presentation by Alex Butler, founder of the Sabaja Craft Brewery in Prishtina. Robots to the scene for a while and attention was brought to the importance of Mechatronics in choosing a career path, through a presentation by Muzafer Shala from the University of Business and Technology, while the not long ago mentioned by us, was presented by Valon Sopi, who emphasized the importance of the project management tool for creative teams.

The city of Prizren had some focus around motivating young voters through social media, with Yll Rugova talking around the importance of social media in making choices, while Hajrulla Çeku said some more on the role of social media towards interactive communication. Bashmir Xhemaj, talked about the topic one Like, one vote, which was focused also on the role of social media and the engagement of political parties connected to social media.

Gjakova has brought to the scene Arianit Dobroshi, talking around Wikipedia projects and how everyone could contribute, while Besiana Zeka talked about Joint Dots, a new startup in Gjakova, focusing on designing and implementing HFC networks, WiFi, servers, etc. Yll Ferizi a software engineer and software application developer at ATI_KOS, focused on how he started his career, how he focused on informal education and how he gained Microsoft and CISCO certifications.

Ferizaj had an interesting mix of technology and theater culture, through the presence of Afrim Demiri journalist from Koha Ditore, who talked about the experience of a journalist, while Driton Haxhiu from the tech company Meduza talked about the project, which aims to create the digital database of bus lines across Kosovo, so that everyone knows what’s going on. Fatmir Hyseni, was focused on talking about the festivals and shows that the professional theater Adriana Abdullahu has been offering in Ferizaj.

Last but not least, was Barcamp in Gjilan, with focus around the topic of social media impact in knowledge distribution, with Alban Kastrati speaking as an experienced manager in public relations and social media, which he has practiced quite a lot being directly involved with IPKO Telecom.

Liza Gashi, was there as well to talk about here experience abroad and her contribution to the blog Kosova Diaspora, while Vedat Xhymshyti, a fantastic journalist from Kosovo shed some light into his experiences of working in the Frontlines of warzones.

IPKO Foundation and the core organizing team in Prishtina has been fueling the development of these events in other cities, and this has resulted with new communities and new organizations that stand behind the barcamps and support them, like KAQ – Active Citizen Community in Gjakova or NGO THY in Prizren.