Weekend review, Haluci – Bounce Bounce Jump

Haluci – Bounce Bounce Jump, is about to break on an adventure. He’s been bullying other class mates for too long and the teacher decides to take him away from the class. While he’s walking down the street he sees a bouncing stick…

Haluci – Bounce Bounce Jump, is about to break on an adventure. He’s been bullying other class mates for too long and the teacher decides to take him away from the class.

While he’s walking down the street he sees a bouncing stick and jumps on it to see what more trouble he could cause. Haluci bounces a couple of times, and unknowingly the land starts shaking and cracking around him, while crows fly away. While the earth around his tearing apart, Haluci starts to jump from one land-piece to another land piece, go from spring to summer, autumn and winter and embarking on a life-time adventure, filled with amazing surprises.


Originally launched on Facebook in 2011, a cursory look at the game mechanics gives the impression that it’s a game with similar mechanics to NinJump or Doodle Jump. But where they lack, Haluci shows more structure, more challenges and definitely has more of what traditionally adds up to a game.

The game mechanics and challenges present a unique set of combinations that have been presented to the user by Trigonom. The company understands the joy on gaming and engaging the user with less to achieve more.

Haluci has a story to share and it spawns across four seasons, including spring, summer, autumn and winter. Your character, Haluci jumps from one piece of land to another, collects coins, fruits, hits crows on their head and moves away from electricity and spiky land-pieces. He collects magnets, parachutes or airbags to aid himself o the way down to the next season.


In order for you to earn more points, you will definitely need to master the game and upgrade the power-ups. The game provides different sets of power ups which can be bought with the coins you earn through the game, or you can cut to the chase and buy the coins with real money or in-game purchases. You have the ability to purchase rockets, enhance magnet or parachute duration, or even master more points through the combo option, which can be  bought with over 2000 coins for the first x2 combo. 2.99 USD one pack of 25000 coins.

The experience in Haluci, is set in the four seasons which can be opened if you master the game and are skilled enough to go from one season to another, from spring to winter. Afterwards, you can start the game directly from the season that you like, or you can also open them by buying them for  0.99 USD Unlock Winter, 0.99 USD Unlock Autumn and 0.99 USD Unlock Summer

The different seasons are fun to explore, and many interesting adventures can come to the player while jumping on the land pieces on each season. But beyond the collection of power-ups and coins, you must be aware that there are things that you must stay away from, like the magic mushroom or the negative magnet, which turns the collectibles away from your character.

The enemies include crows which destroy the lands below Haluci and make the game more challenging. If you manage to hit them on their head, you can score points and kill them. You can also go from one side of the screen to another, through panning the phone from left to right or right to left.

You’ll find this features quite useful when you encounter spikes or electricity along the way. Tap on the screen to launch the rockets and destroy those spiky or electrical zones, and buzz through. The game has also a unique feature of doubling score points which is a kind-off secret for the users to discover on their own, however you can learn it from our side and keep in mind that if you turn your phone upside-down, you’ll have 2x more points.

The Game Center functionality allows you to compete with friends for a better high-score. You can see how you’re standing with friends or see how’s the top scorer in the world. Whether you’re taking the game on your own, at home or work, Haluci is a great game to enjoy with an attractive way of playing it using the phones mechanics. On Android however the game center doesn’t seem to be performing, even though we double checked and tested it out a couple of times on different phones.

Latest stats from Application Analytic platforms show that Haluci is the Number 1 application on the Albanian version of iTunes and is continuing to go up in the regional app stores, while in total it has been featured 310 times in iTunes.

The game is available to download for free on:

iTunes and Play Store