Your choice for a smartwatch, an Apple Watch!

We live in an age where technology is omnipresent, from our smartphones to smart toilet seats.

We live in an age where technology is omnipresent, from our smartphones to smart toilet seats. It is needless to say that the phone now is an extension of our body and we cannot live and function well without it. I can’t even remember a birthday anymore!

Today’s smartphones send and receive information rapidly. Instant accessibility to data has revolutionized the way people live their day-to-day lives and raised the bar where customer service is concerned. Rather than wait for an agent to assist over the phone, consumers can get help that they need through live chat options, social media, and email.

It is your eyes, ears and mouth in the digital universe. In many cases and on a daily basis it is taking higher priority than our real corresponding body parts. Most of the time it is great to have access to an infinite amount of information, right from your phone. But some times it is extremely hard to be connected to real life.

A lot of notifications, messages and spam from every single imaginable source craves for our attention. Which means that the SmartWatch can only add weight to this burden. So, if a smartphone can have all of this and also disconnect us from the real world, why would you need a smartwatch? After all, aren’t they just another gimmick designed to get you to spend more money than you need to? That is certainly NOT the case! Once you read about the benefits of a smartwatch, you’ll be convinced.


What is a SmartWatch?

A smartwatch, or smart watch, is a fairly new piece of technology. It’s a computerized wristwatch which has a lot of sensors to track from motion to body metrics and usually connects with your smartphone. It has a number of different functions with each model offering something new and unexpected to the consumer. Rather than rely on your mobile phone to play music or to send and receive calls, you can access this information from your wrist which swings the doors of possibility open in your favor.


Benefits of having a SmartWatch

Deeply Personal

As Apple puts it it is the most intimate device ever”. Which means that is always on your wrist and will know everything about your body and you as a person. Everyone wants to be connected but let’s face it, there are some places where phones are inappropriate. Despite wanting to be available to your family or clients, it just isn’t possible in some places. A smartwatch makes it easier to check messages on the fly.



Let’s face it. People like to be well-informed. They want to feel connected. That’s what makes the smartwatch so appealing. Imagine being able to do most of the things you do on a smart phone without having to pull out your phone to do them. Smartwatches allow you to make and receive calls and receive updates. You can receive text messages, alerts, and updates without being extremely obvious about it.

Of course, as with every new technology, there are a lot of negative opinions, whether the new tech is going to enslave us more than the smartphones did. Time has published a really good article about the other side of the medal.


Your Health, 24/7

With all those built in sensors, now you can view your health data in realtime. Of course, the first generation of wearables have the ability to check your pulse and other walking/running sensors, but the next wave will do more. And by that I mean, the ability to check your blood sugar, check hormone levels etc. You name it.

One thing is for sure, the eHealth industry is becoming a huge sector ( it is expected to grow to a $160 Billion in 2015). And that is happening for a reason. In other words, even more breakthroughs will be done in the wearable space. We will benefit by living healthier and identify health problems faster.


It looks sexy

Let’s be true. Now wearables are the new trend, like the iPhone Gold was when it was released. It is always self rewarding to walk in a bar checking your AAPL stocks in realtime on your wrist. (I know you will be checking how many Instagram likes you got for today, but that will be our secret). Vogue has published a lot of front page articles and lengthy coverages about the Apple Watch. And they know a thing or two about fashion.


New frontiers

You will be part of a new revolution in tech, that at first might seem a little to fancy or like a bubble which is going to burst. But so was the general perception more than a decade ago, when the first phones which connected to the internet were out. Then the iPhone came out and changed everything.

Of course the first iPhone was nowhere near the iPhone 6 that we have today, but it set a compass to where we should go. So will do the Apple Watch in less than 2 weeks. It will show us what will be possible in 2-3 years from now. So embrace it, the sooner the better.


Good for business

According to IDC wearable apps are going to be accountant for 50% of mobile interactions by 2017, which means a lot of new possibilities for businesses and for developers.

And if you are a mobile developer, just like me, you will see a new Gold Rush scenario. By 2017, there will be more than 268 billion downloads of mobile apps, generating revenue of more than US$77 billion and making apps one of the most popular computing tools for users, the advisory firm said. – Taipei Times. SmartWatches are now at the tipping point of being genuinely useful. As 2015 continues, this situation will only improve. Now is the time to start enjoying yourself on the new frontier.


// About the Author //

Perjan is an iOS developer & designer working for a big consultancy firm in Germany. Passionate about mobile, apps and lastly wearables. Maker of MoneyCoach and a lot of other iOS apps with more than 1 Million downloads on the Appstore. You can get in touch with him on Twitter or Dribbble.