Wiki Academy II – City Marathon

In the continuing efforts of the citizens of Kosovo to improve the country’s image in the world, this year IPKO Foundation is organizing the second edition of the project Wiki Academy Kosovo II – City Marathon.

Wiki Academy Kosovo is the largest project to be realized in accordance with the National Strategy for Digital Diplomacy of Kosovo and aims to improve and increase the content for Kosovo in the internet world. Remembering that last year, as a result of Wiki Academy, 38 articles and 2000 images have been added for Kosovo on Wikipedia, among them articles and images on culture, history, government and judiciary system, but not only.

The Academy will bring in one place Wikipedia activist, young people, mentors and jury members who will create content for Kosovo on Wikipedia. This time the Academy comes in differently. Concentration of topics and pictures that will be posted this year will be in eight municipalities of Kosovo (Prishtina, Gjakova, Prizren, Peja, Mitrovica, Gjilan, Ferizaj, Shterpca). There will be articles written and images taken for and from these municipalities.

Pristina has the honour to host the two-day camp to be held in two separate weekends and welcome participants from Mitrovica, Sherpca, Gjilan and Ferizaj. Pristina Camp will be held February 23, 2014, starting at 9:30 in the AUK campus and panelists at the opening ceremony will be representatives of the municipalities that have supported the project. To learn more about the project have a look at